March 21, 2007

GISuser Today - Loc-Aid, Navteq, CTIA in the news

Today at GISuser - Today we continue bringing you information on Developer Programs as our spotlight feature is turned on to an offering from Navteq - the NAVTEQ Network for Developers. The program is designed to help application developers and solution providers gain access to development tools, support, and rich, mobile content. Speaking of mobile application developers, things are really getting geared up for next week's CTIA conference taking place in Orlando, Florida... once again I'll be off to that event as CTIA is always high on my list of things to do. NAVTEQ has announced the 2007 Global LBS Challenge Semifinalists - these developers and others will be strutting their stuff next Wednesday at the awards ceremony... should be a good time! And speaking of fun, Loc-Aid is reminding us about their dash for cash taking place next week in Orlando... think mobile scavenger hunt - I think I'll take part in this one! Finally, in the data department the USGS is reminding us about the availability of the 2001 Land Cover database, a relatively new product and massive database that describes the land surface condition of each 30-meter cell of land in the conterminous United States - for details on these announcements and more see

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