March 14, 2007

Goodchild tours Nova Scotia - Visions for a Geospatial Future

Mike Goodchild, recent recipient of the GITA Lifetime achievement award will be "on tour" in Nova Scotia soon... some details -- Mike and Fiona Goodchild will be giving guest lectures at Dalhousie University ( ) on March 27th, 2007. Mike will be talking on "The Spatial Web: Visions for a Geospatial Future" and Fiona will be speaking on "GIS in the K-12 Sciences". The lectures take place in the Rowe Management Building with Fiona
speaking from 11:30 to 1:00 and Mike from 6:30 to 8:00. Any CAG, ACMLA, and CCA members are welcome to attend as the doors are open to all. The Goodchilds will also be at the College of Geographic Sciences (COGS) in Lawrencetown to speak and visit that campus.

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