March 14, 2007

more on WHERE and the WHERE developer program

I forgot to mention that in conjunction with the where app (see previous post) there's also a developer program as well. According to the company (uLocate) the same technology that underpins Helio Buddy Beacon and MapQuest Find Me is available for free to developers with the WHERE Developer Program. The WHERE Developer Program makes the industry's first GPS-enabled widget platform available to third party content owners, providing the ability to create and publish WHERE Widgets. Content companies taking early advantage of the WHERE platform include the real estate data and information site Zillow and Eventful, the world's largest collection of events. Apparently the WHERE platform incorporate Zillow's API. Thus, users can tour open houses and instantly getting Zestimates and historical trends from their GPS-enabled device. Using the API developers can create apps to run on J2ME and BREW handsets (what, no Symbian OS support.. darn!) All the tools, documentation, technologies and services needed to get started can be found at

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