March 14, 2007

where announces GPS widgets for your mobile

LBS solution provider, uLocate has just today announced the launch of WHERE... the application is available for a monthly fee and supports only certian devices.

The following widgets are available:
# local — search locally for points of interest around you
# directions — get directions and maps from where you are to where you want to go… or from anywhere
# saved places — save your favorite places to easily access them in the future and share them with friends
# location notes — write notes about the places you’ve been for others to find, or keep them private if you don’t share well
# weather — get the local weather for your location
# ski report — local ski reports
# earthquake! — find the most recent earthquakes by proximity
# world largest — a fairly comprehensive list of America’s huge roadside attractions
# fore! — golf course finder
# roadside help — towing service and repair shops
# state parks – enjoy your local state parks
# winery finder — take a wine tour at your local wineries
# rent a car – you know you want to
# brewery finder — get to know your local breweries
# nexrad radar — see your local nexrad radar
see for details and to sign up for the service or see also

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