April 26, 2007

Event of interest regarding Canada - US trade in Geospatial Technologies

I received details of this interesting event taking place in Toronto early next month. This event from US Commercial Service offers you the opportunity to explore new products, services and business relationships that can add savings and profits to a company's bottom line. More info at http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/11439/


Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how to contact you on GISuser... I want to express my concern that you are using some questionable content.

Do you trust an article that has a "required" link to a cell phone affiliate site? Like the GPS review now posted? http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/11441/28/

Rene Tse offers up free articles (many effective rewrites of those of others) for free asking only that you link to: http://www.free-cellular-phone-deals.com/ That site is an "affiliate" for TMI Wireless http://www.tmiwireless.com/affiliate/?aid=781. Alas, in the GPS review article above you copied some material from her last article on GISUser, the geocaching one. "Source: Smartphone Pocket PC Oct/Nov" That was the SOURCE of her rewrite of a geocaching article. Compare the two to see how Tse operates. http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/10007/28/ http://www.pocketpcmag.com/_archives/Oct06/geocaching.aspx

I know its tough getting good material, but this looks really bad.

A friend

gletham Communications said...

thanks for the feedback.. FYI, you can always contact me and that is simple to find on gisuser by hitting the "Contact" link at the top - there's also a prominent link to press@... which is displayed on every page on the right side-bar. Regarding Rene and the article... firstly we don't really have a hard time finding material as you suggest. We do accept submissions from writers and article submissions from companies.. the goal is to not accept articles that ae ads.. ie. a solution should be provided. Mrs. Tse is a freelancer who simply submits occasional articles to us (and perhaps to other publications) she is not paid nor is she affiliated with us in any way. She does link articles to her blog which in turn does have affiliations with cell phone resellers etc.. thats her business. As for being required.. I don't really think any links are required and thats up to the reader. As for teh source of her material, indeed the geocaching article does appear to be a rewrite of the article you mentioned. Thanks for the tip... obviously this happens quite often on the web.. hell, I've seen some of my own articles copied entirely on other sites.. brutal! Is her geocach article a copy etc... doesn't look like it to me. Was she inspired by it? Indeed it looks like she may have been. Thanks for the feedback. Remember, try that contact link at GISuser ;0)