May 30, 2007

create your tiny Google Street Side url and a mapplet reminder

A reminder if you plan on working with the cool, new Google maps street side maps... if you plan on sharing cool locations with others then try taking advantage of tinyurl (see As an example, I was walking the streets of New York and want to share this location with my friends,-73.985447&spn=0.002401,0.005193&z=18&om=0&layer=c&cbll=40.75657,-73.98614&cbp=1,231.601237942122,0.5,1
- notice its a little long and won't work well within a webpage. A simple soultion is to grab a "tinyurl". So now I have or (with a preview). Lastly, if you haven't tested out mapplets yet - think mashups of mashups you can't access the functionality from the "regular" google maps home. Anyone can develop a mapplet... try creating a map that shows crime stats along with weather data and perhaps thro w in your own news from a GeoRSS enabled feed. To try mapplets jump to the preview site at

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