May 29, 2007

Winding Down at Where - Where fair, plundr, CDT and Trulia Hindsight

Just winding down after taking in the Where fair followed up by a "social event" hosted by Sykhook Wireless - have you tried the Loki toolbar yet? Where fair featured displays from innovative minds that are in the preliminary stage but comfortable enough with their apps to show them off and get some feedback. We saw an application called Plundr - they use the Skyhook wireless WiFi positioning technology to locate places and then use th eplayers location in a treasure hunt style game (try it at - they also have a version designed to run on the Nintendo DS. Also of interest at the fair, the Continental divide Trial Project conceived by Backpacker Magazine. Imagine 50 teams mapping and gathering data along 3100 miles of trail that takes them through Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. The teams (volunteers) will be collecting GPS data, photos, videos, and will be podcasting as the project gets rolling this summer - Let me leave off by urging you to check out the truliahindsight service that i mentioned previously. This latest update to Trulia (the popular real estate mapping service) features some clever animations designed to convey some interesting patterms that emerge when displaying temporal datasets... the change and trends really jump out at you... Check out this Link from Trulia showing the construction of Levittown, New York. From the company... Watch the Trulia Hindsight map light up between 1947 and 1951, when builders Levitt and Sons, Inc. mass-produced 17,447 homes on what had once been potato farms on Long Island. Their most popular model, a ranch built on a concrete slab, measured 32' by 25' and sold for $7,990. All a prospective buyer needed was a $90 deposit and payments of $58 per month. another tip... have you tested Geocommons yet? Have you browsed the best places to get KFC in Uganda?? How about maps of the most dangerous tornado alleys in the US? Create an account, upload some data... enjoy! Let me leave you with some weblinks of interest to ponder and explore:

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Very interesting.

Also check:

It's a free mapping project of Israel.