May 30, 2007

Dash Navigation in-car search and building a community of drivers

Dash Navigation is building a community of drivers & providing in car search - Eric Klein and Mark Williamson took to the stage to describe the first connected navigation device for the US – standard navigation + GPRS and WiFi connectivity enabling send and receive data. They ask… “What happens when you leave your computer and hop in your car?” Simple… Dash enables you to bring information into your vehicle. The device has a real-time traffic model, each device gathers information as they drive… think of a community of drivers gathering data and reporting / sharing with others... community-based traffic probes. Drivers are also gathering updated basemap information. Sample – search yahoo!, locate address of interest, right-click and send to car.
Also available via Dash is Search in Car – a fundamental approach to changing consumer behavior. Partnered with Yahoo! users can search in their vehicle for local results… imagine searching for WiFi while driving through San Fran while attending a conference. Or, imagine driving down a road and your searching for a building. Now you can view an image of a desired area (if available) to help you locate your intended destination. Furthermore, you can save photos and even add comments – think community mapping! Dash can partner with content partners to provide access to their data – via std. data formats like GeoRSS and KML or make it available via 2-way API - Note: Dash currently has 2000 units being tested all over the country right now. For more about dash see

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