May 23, 2007

Looking for blogs from the Intergraph conference? I guess not

Looking for blogs and news from the Intergraph conference? Apparently not... a quick cruise through technorati searching on "Intergraph" turned up pretty much nothing (except for one post by yours truly)... interesting the images section pulled images from Intergraph's UC in 2005 - curiously also posted by yours truly on our GISuser flickr. Searching DIGG ( I found 3 hits. Joe F. who's from Huntsville AL has posted something this AM about the Neil Armstrong keynote (way cool!) but otherwise its pretty quiet.. too bad. Of interest on the wire I saw a few PR items released today (once again I had to go out and look for these) and one of them got my attention - this due to some clever keywords being used by the company... "Intergraph Integrates with Leading Interactive Mapping Services Delivers Custom Data for Rich Geospatial Mashups". Jumping on the bandwagon, looks like one of the selling points for GeoMedia WebMap 6.1 will be the ability to quickly and easily create mashups - ie. combining your data and queries with either the Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth map data. I didn't make it to the INGR gig again this year -- too bad or I likely wouldn't have to rant like this about the lack of exposure ;0) Getting back to a post of mine a few days ago, conference organizers these days would be wise to take advantage of the Web 2.0 and maybe setup a blogger or 2 of their own to get some news out. O'reilly Media does a great job of this with their events. - Perhaps more info will fallout next week once attendees return home. Looking for a link to the INGR conference homepage? I'll share it with you here as you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone else linking to it - try

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Peter Batty said...

Hi Glenn, I'm not at the Intergraph show but have just added a few thoughts on the GeoMedia WebMap announcement they made at my geothought blog - I think this is a pretty significant announcement.