May 23, 2007

Who Gets the H1B Visas? Here's the Top 200 list

Some interesting findings on the distribution of H1B visas... last year nine Indian firms collectively were issued 19,512 of the 65,000 H-1B visas granted - that's almost one third of the available visas for technology workers going to 9 India firms. 5 of the top 10 were Indian outsourcing firms. Information week has published the list of the top 200 firms using up the "valuable" H1B visas.. familiar names include: Microsoft number three on the list, IBM number eight, and Oracle USA number nine. Of the Internet players YAhoo! comes in at number 47, Amazon number 81. US Coleges dominate the list though taking up the majority of the positions. So who's the biggest user of the H1B visa? Infosys Technologies who secured 4908 immigrant workers in 2006. See Information Week for more on this -

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Anonymous said...

You should also take into account that there's a lot of people in India, or that some of the companies are huge. So to be fair, you should devide by the number of people in the country (but ok its still a lot of indians)