June 19, 2007

Don Cooke and the Lifetime achievement Award

Yesterday Don Cooke was given the Lifetime achievement Award by Jack Dangermond – recall Don Cooke, led the creation of the DIME file and the subsequent TIGER files. Don reminded us how lucky we are to be here at this event... he was definitely genuine in expressing how much he enjoys being surrounded by clever minds and geo-technology enthusiasts. Don is a great guy, always willing to share a story with you if you happen to be lucky enough to run into him. I recall seeing him at a recent event where he was standing in front of a large LCD watching twittervision - this app pulls random images from flickr and mashes then up on a map, quickly scrolling around teh Globe and showing you who's doing what... its apps like this that integrate GPS into real-life fun that seem to really get Don excited... you can tell. Congrats to Don.

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