June 19, 2007

Intro to ArcGIS Mobile and ArcPad at 7.1

Just listening to an intro session focused on ESRI’s extension of GIS beyond the office and into a mobile environment. Why mobile GIS?? Need to take GIS into the field to enable timely, relevant, and accurate decisions. Making real-time decisions in the field enables more collaboration between the field and the office.

ESRI's key Mobile GIS users:

Asset management – signs, hydrants, poles

Logistics – package delivery

Public Safety

Natural resource management – habitat and forestry

One of the main mobile solutions offered by ESRI is obviously ArcPad. Currently at release 7.1, the solution is currently in Beta and will likely be available in a couple of months. What can you do with ArcPad

- deploy data for field use

- use pre-loaded streetmap data, geocode, and create routes

- query data using query builder and customized query forms

- field data capture and editing

- use data capture deviced (GPS, range finder, camera)

- update enterprise database – including related tables

- navigate with your GPS

- customize ArcPad

- streetmap data is included (Canada and US)

- ArcPad 7.1 currently in Beta

Usability improvements in 7.1 – QuickProject

- focus on those new to GIS. Quickly create a new data capture project/template to get up and running fast.

ArcPad application builder is a provided tool for customizing ArcPad.

Developing for ArcPad - About The ArcGIS Mobile SDK

- ships with ArcGIS server, came with 9.2

- a suite of .Net components useful for building your own mobile solution

- Core capabilities – provide a method for synchronizing data to and fromm ArcGIS Server – optimized for wireless networks

- Enables display of rich maps on mobile devices (Pocket PC, smartphones)

- Provides and easy to use and standardized developer environment

Who’s using the SDK? Logistics (stops, deliveries), Utilities (sketching and markup), public safety, emergency response… What Can you do with the sDK? Design, serve, deploy, and Sync – design focused apps targeted at specific mobile workers, serve mobile web services, deploy large number of clients easily, synch field edits to a from a mobile web service.

Mobile platforms supported (mainly MS) running on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Many field-ready mobile devices are designed for all day use and offer enhanced wireless capabilities. These devices are designed to plug into the enterprise. Supported devices include smart phones, pocket PC phones, tablet PCs and laptops. Pocket PCs are ideally suited for all day long field work. Many offer touch screen UI, they can be rugged, and are affordable. I wish I could tell you more about ArcPAd at 7.1 but i guess that's in another session.

Finally... ESRI’s mobile team provides users with The StreetMap Mobile SDK – for building mobile navigation solutions. Provides components for mapping, geocoding, and much more.Of interest, clinets include the likes of Searc who have deployed a navigation solution to thousands of their vehicles. Enables them to move their vehicles safely and efficiently around the country.

Demo: we saw how a nav solution provided a voice (male or female) to warn driver if they are speeding etc… Directions can be reported in multiple languages. We entered a start and stop location and then an optimal route was returned to us and voice commands were presented to route our driver… pretty cool.

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