June 28, 2007

ESRI, Arc/Info, ArcGIS, ArcView... 25 Years in the making - A Time Line

Remember the "good ol" days of PC Arc/Info, ArcView 3.0? Like many others at the ESRI UC I was captivated by a very cool series of posters that displayed the history of ArcGIS and of ESRI... 25 years in the making. I put together a recap of some of the highlights and milestones of the company in this ESRI Timeline - 25 years and growing strong. Check out the product development timeline as well as a brief summary of some of the features that you'll find in ArcGIS at release 9.3 - recall 9.3 will be released as a series of incremental patches later this year with a major release planned sometime in 2008 - likely early in the year. See the ESRI timeline at http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/11991/53/ - PS: have you been to the MappingCenter yet??

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