June 28, 2007

Forum Nokia launches launchpad for mobile developers

Ben Wang, Head of developer programs at Forum Nokia gave me a quick intro to their latest offering yesterday - Launchpad. The program is designed exactly as it sounds, to help developers get up and running and launch their apps on a platform support by Nokia devices. Offered via the developer portal at Forum.Nokia, Launchpad is a new, affordable alternative for those who were restricted in some way from taking part in the Forum Nokia Pro developer program - recall FN Pro was quite costly and restricted to special invite only companies that have a relationship with Nokia. Launchpad is open to all and is affordable - about 800 Euros p/year (priced in Euro the program is accessible Globally). Member developers and companies will have early access to tools and SDKs, access to affordable devices for testing, etc... see more about the program at http://www.lbszone.com/content/view/2016/2/ or jump directly to www.forum.nokia.com/launchpad

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