June 15, 2007

GIS Dads.. happy father's day and a tip

With this year's ESRI User Conference kicking off this week-end you may have noticed that many dads and moms will be on the road... myself I'll be traveling on Sunday (after breakfast in bed I hope ;0) So a reminder... don't forget about dad - maybe do something special tonight or tomorrow instead. Finally, a father's day tip for you dads and Dads to be... about 12 years ago when I had my first child I was working as a GIS Analyst for an environmental consulting firm - yes indeed I am a GISuser too! With the baby coming I approached my employer and suggested that I'd like to work Monday at night so I could spend some time with my son. They were great enough to agree and it worked out very well for all of us. I did my grunt work one night a week.. alone in the office, radio blaring and being quite productive.. no interruptions from the phone, meetings, etc... just several hours of work. Best of all for several years Monday was my day with my son, usually going downtown for a long walk, hitting the park, going for coffee etc... those Mondays were gold and are still a great memory - I got loads of work done Monday nights too! Happy Father's Day to you Geo Dads!

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