June 14, 2007

Here's a great map of the bars and restaurants in the San Diego Gaslamp for next week's ESRI UC

Our friends over at GeomorphIS have once again created a very cool map of the restaurants and bars in San Diego's Gaslmap... this is a must have in your pocket next week at the ESRI User Conference. Print this one out and bring it with you... Grab it HERE about 250KB PDF - From Martha... Coolest addition – The Ivy Hotel and it’s rooftop bar Eden! Courtesy of GeomorphIS! - You can find a larger map and some printed tabloid copies at the San Diego Host booth in the Map Gallery. GeomorphIS www.geomorphis.com
You'll likely find me next week at Dick's, the pizza by the slice place across from Dick's (great for late night chow), poolside at the Marriott, the strip club (great grilled tuna - next door to Dick's) and at any vendor bash that's dolling out good food and loads of free beer!

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