June 05, 2007

Google maps and anti spam filtering

Recently I've noticed a new way for web masters to implement a nifty anti-spam solution into their contact forms. Recall "back in the day" when you typically would have to enter a string of letters/numbers that were displayed in a separate box - you know, those often non-legible scribbles that you had to retype in order to prove it was a real human posting through the form. Now google maps developers are integrating a map-based anti-spam solution when you need to look at a map, locate a place name that appears near the center of the map, then pick that name from a list. A clever way to avoid those pesky spammers who we all love to hate! I found this example over at locr - see http://www.locr.com/contact.php - note: sometimes I find that the place name that I feel is near the center isn't in the list so its nbot perfect, but it is cool!
The Google maps anti-spam email solution - are you a human?

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