June 04, 2007

Safe software now offers Linear Optimization Technology

Interesting news out of Vancouver, BC-based Safe Software today... The New Linear Optimization Technology Compresses Spatial Data Files by up to 80 Percent according to the company. Oregon-based TCI’s Curvefitter linear optimization technology will be integrated into the upcoming release of FME 2007, providing users with the capability to create smooth linework from "point to point" linework while reducing file size by up to 80 percent. File size reductions of this magnitude will result in much faster processing times for CAD and GIS data, and fewer processing problems caused by limited available memory. By intelligently inserting arcs into linework that depicts map features, Curvefitter technology also allows FME users to create more visually appealing maps. Curvefitter technology is available as an extra-cost item for the upcoming release of FME 2007. For more information on Curvefitter, visit www.safe.com/curvefitter.

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