June 18, 2007

Monday at esri uc

Hello from San Diego... I didn't bother blogging or anything yesterday, partly because I was on the go most of the time and opted not to. My father's day flight was just fine... I got dropped off by the family (nice for a change rather than hunting for a parking spot at DIA). I then had the covetted Southwestern Group A boarding pass (sweet!) and then managed to grab the "money" seat on the plane... you know, the one in the emergency exit with no seat in front of it (SCORE!). Then I got picked up at the airport, checked in at the connference, had and early dinner, then connected with loads of ESRIers in the Gaslamp. Its always cool when people come up to me and say "hey man, aren't you the guy with the newsletter... your face shows up in my email all the time!" Dick's was pretty quiet last night given that thousands of GISers are inn town for the ESRI lovefest... mind-you it did seem to pick up there at about 11:30! I got up this morning and quickly came to the connference center where I'm now sitting in the main hall waiting for the keynote to start. I just love ESRI UC Monday.. you know, we get that way cool starting video that shows ESRI projects and users from around the Globe... it gets people so pumped up! Word on the street has it that ArcGIS Server will be the talk of the show... I'm sure it will be! I'm also speculating that people will hear lots about KML, mashups, Globes etc... Also, when people see live demos of ArcGIS Analysis inside of mashups they will be blown away

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