June 18, 2007

Notes on updates coming with ArcGIS at 9.3

In the Monday morning welcome session at ESRI UC we heard about some new things coming in ArcGIS at 9.3 (this will be released inncrementally in patches with a full release next year... items of note and areas that will see somme major, cool updates:
A new solution for Logistics.. Jack’s favorite! Enter ArcLogistics -- Demo… transporting patients to hospitals at diff times with a number of rules (ie. Legth of time for a ride – max), vehicle rules (capacity), vehicle costs, work day/time rules… hospitals, vehicles, patients… generate a least cost solution so patients can make their appts on time.

New ArcGIS Explorer for consumer usage -Like google earth, it has analytic tools to perform some analysis on a simple to use tool. Access an ArcGIS Server, or connect to several of them (like ArcGIS online) then overlay these services with your own services. An open and interoperable tool Working closely with Adobe for interoperability with PDFs.

ArcGIS Server to support Mashups. Allow our servers to be mashed up. Integrating multiple GIS services and making use of consumer map services. Use data from Google Earth and other services … this will help us tell stories of geography on the web and integrate content into our GIS’s.

ArcGIS for AutoCAD – a free, downloadable set of tools making it easier to work with AutoCAD data and CAD tools. Since so many users are using both it makes sense to enable users to benefit.

Webmapping gets easier and better – fewer clicks, better map navigation, new tools built on AJAX standards. At ArcGIS 9.3 there's a new mobile app – ArcGIS Mobile. Operating in a connected or disconnected environment. Maintain synchronization with your server. A lightweight client for the field powered by ArcGIS Server. Note... ArcPad still exists and is going strong - of note: US Census Bureau to use 400,000 ArcPad seats for mobile data collection for the Census!

Survey measurements coming into the parcel model - New data model –the cadastral fabric – in a demo a surveyor takes measurements for new subdivision and create in CAD system. Brings inn CAD lines, copy/paste into a cadastral job, adjust parcels to fit survey control. This solution comes out of a partnership with Ggeodata info systems – AUS – to be released with SP3 – editing cadastral fabrics with survey analyst. Supporting bringing together GIS and surveying communities!

Coming in support - users will have full access to ESRI's buglist! Clap - this will be available via the online support center. Look for "the bug system"

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