June 18, 2007

Taking GIS into the field with ArcPad – coming at 7.1

Imagine in the field with limited or no existing data. Enhancements .. street mapping extension (included with 7.1). Start your project and add a base data layer - data is provided for anywhere in the US or Canada. This is COOL! Using a GPS-enabled device data is collected in the field. Capture locations of objects using the point tool, add a photo to the feature, and store attribute information on the fly. Easily add options to available lists of categories (dynamically defined in the field) = rapid data capture. 7.1 supports editing of related tables. A new query builder tool provides the ability to quickly retrieve desired data and attributes. While n the field capturing data the user can quickly add or update multiple data types that are created via a database relationship(s). We're told ArcPad 7.1 should be available in a couple of months.

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