July 16, 2007

Google Maps API developer needed - Portland area

I have a request from a colleague for the following... My client is developing a real estate mapping and fore casting tool for real estate professionals and investors. We are using Google API for Maps, we have completed basic maps functionality (zooming, panning, street locator etc) and we need help with overlays/rendering for different geographic regions. EX: If a customer selects a region, Washington county in Oregon state, then the google map will display a over lay for this county and high light different demographics at zip code level based on user selection with in the region using different colors. We are looking for a consultant who has expertise in this area especially working with Google maps and relevant spatial data, overlay shape files etc. I will provide more details and a demo of similar work at appropriate time to the consultant. Anyone interested in following up and contacting the consultant, feel free to drop me a line and I'll connect you - send to glennat gisuser.com

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