July 16, 2007

Profilactic mashup gets new features - supports Technorati, Shelfari and more

Profilactic has some news for users and would-be users... an update was released over the week-end sporting the following: The big upgrade is in the user interface; however, we've also added some new features and support for even more sites including Pownce, Technorati and Shelfari.One. Profilactic is a handy tool to get all your web2.0 enhanced listings in one convenient place.. also of interest the service was just ranked the #2 worst named web apps by read/write we... I think the name rocks ;0) Kudos on the brides-maid ranking!! Check out profilactic for yourself or see my GISuser Profilactic at http://www.profilactic.com/mashup/gisuser - you can see may latest DIGGs, flickr uploads, YouTube clips, favorites, delicious bookmarks and more!

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sMoRTy71 said...

Thanks for mentioning Profilactic again. We appreciate it.