July 19, 2007

Home Values to Your Mobile Device Via Text Message from HouseFront

Another cool mobile application has launched to get you texting more and more.. this one is a cool app to help you get real estate info delivered via txt to your mobile device. Seen a home that you like... just reach for your cell phone, text message the home’s address, and within seconds you’ll receive detailed property information including estimated values, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and sales history. Through HouseFront.com, consumers can also view maps and aerial photos of homes, get information on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other details, including the home’s sales history. Register at housefront.com or see details here

Note: the service can also be used on your PC - the mapping app is powered via Google Maps. Of note, as a test I searched details on my home. To my surprise details of my purchase was not recorded and the data I felt was quite dated, including the value which was listed much lower than the actual value according to other services like the county appraisal office and zillow. The aerial photo provided via digitalGlobe was very recent though as I saw my car in the driveway (obviously captured within the past 5 months). Values and valuations need to be a bit more current for this service to be useful in my mind!

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