July 20, 2007

SAIC and Possible Data Compromise for military service customers

Word of this security breach comes out of some PR from defense contractor SAIC...  Personal information of certain uniformed service members, family members and others was placed at risk for potential compromise while being processed by SAIC under several health care data contracts for military service customers, the company said today. SAIC remedied the security lapses upon learning of them and began working with the customers to mitigate any potential impact. Forensic analysis has not yielded any evidence that any personal information was actually compromised; however, the possibility cannot be ruled out. SAIC is notifying approximately 580,000 households, some with more than one affected person. From the company: "We deeply regret this security failure and I want to extend our apologies to those affected by it," Chairman and CEO Ken Dahlberg said. "We are concerned about the inconvenience and risk of potential compromise of personal information this may cause. The security failure is completely unacceptable and occurred as a result of clear violations of SAIC's strong internal IT security policies. In this instance, we did not live up to the high level of performance that our customers have learned to expect and demand from us. We let down our customers and the service members whom we support. For this, we are very sorry." See www.saic.com

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