July 12, 2007

The Zillow DISC neighborhood message

I see I'm not alone and wasn't the only one confused by the message from Zillow last week - see James' post on this.

From Zillow... the appology
We sent you an e-mail last week by mistake. Have you ever hit "send" when you didn't mean to - or copied the wrong person? That's pretty much what happened to us, and we apologize.

We’re very sorry that this happened. We respect your privacy and we’re taking every step possible to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

This was in reference to the following message:

Since you claimed your home at , you might like to know you're part of the DISC neighborhood on Zillow. This is a brand-new feature -- literally, we just rolled it out -- and we would like to ask your help in getting it started.

By taking part in your Neighborhood Page on Zillow, you can help make Zillow a useful resource for other people like you.

Visit your DEMO Neighborhood Page now!

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