July 12, 2007

Oracle rolls out 11g - the pitch - Innovate Faster

Innovate Faster  with 11g (according to Oracle) -- From the official PR,  Oracle today introduced Oracle(r) Database 11g, the latest release of the world's most popular database. With more than 400 features, 15 million test hours, and 36,000 person-months of development
Summary of updates at 11g:
Oracle Database 11g can help organizations take control of their enterprise information
Real Application Testing Helps Reduce Time, Risk and Cost of Change
Increase Return On Investment for Disaster Recovery Solutions
Enhanced Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Management
Total Recall of Data Changes
Maximum Availability of Information
Oracle Fast Files
Faster XML
Transparent Encryption
Embedded OLAP Cubes
Connection Pooling and Query Result Caches
Enhanced Application Development
Oracle Database 11g offers developers a choice of development tools, and a streamlined application development process that takes full advantage of key Oracle Database 11g features. These include new features such as Client Side Caching, Binary XML for faster application performance, XML processing, and the storing and retrieving of files. In addition, Oracle Database 11g also includes a new Java just-in-time Compiler to execute database Java procedures faster without the need for a third party compiler; native integration with Visual Studio 2005 for developing .NET applications on Oracle; Access migration tools with Oracle Application Express; and SQL Developer easy query building feature for fast coding of SQL and PL/SQL routines.
Updates to Oracle Spatial
Oracle Spatial enhancements include support for
• Richer, more-interactive map application development
• Web services application programming interfaces (APIs) for spatial operations
• Business intelligence tools integration
• Dynamic input for routing applications
• 3-D support for terrain and city models and virtual worlds
A browse at other headlines from the Geospatial PR headlines and you'll see the Tele Atlas and Navteq are both supporting Oracle Database 11g Spatial Capabilities. See more at http://www.gisuser.com/content/view/12133/ or jump to www.oracle.com

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