July 20, 2007

Realtor mashes up GIS data to complete Mohave County Map Booklet

Talk about having some ambition... this "realtor" although he sounds like a GIS guy to me, couldn't find the maps that he needed to do his job so he decided to create his own maps... sweet! After about 6 months realtor Dave Kreitel managed to produce a 70 page map book covering the county. According to the article in the Mohave Daily News, Kritel started off with a digital basemap using data from the County, the BLM, and local flood maps (FEMA). Sounds to me though that the addition of local knowledge is really what helps make this product a winner. Source - See also the County GIS Dept. - Info on the Mohave County A-Z Road Guide are found at http://www.mohavevu.com/

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