July 20, 2007

Sorry, your message has been blocked... ?

How do you really know if your email is getting through?? I just love it when I try and reply to someone who I'm doing a favor for and the response from them is that my message has been blocked! Obviously managing email in a corporate setting is truly a challenge these days but this kind of constant response is totally frustrating. An FYI.. if you send me your PR to feature and I can't even get a reply back to you - or if you send me an email with a reply address like "noreply@mycompany.com" then the chances of your news being mentioned are pretty much slim to none!


Anonymous said...

hey glen, by the way, I tried to hit an article on GISUSer and it came back empty. does that happen often? who do we let know when that happens?

Glenn said...

no not really... if it does you can simply copy/paste and send the url to info @ gisuser.com and we can look into it. In this case I removed the azteca news because I had no way to contact the company - my emails were constantly blocked - I then decided to not run their PR. A rule of min is that if you'd like us to help promote your company via news, at the least you need to accept my email!

thanks for the comment