July 04, 2007

Slashgeo bids farewell to the geobloggers

A final post came from "Satri" regarding the end of a 2 year run on slash-geo... unfortunately the site is going the way of many popular blogs... the author simply needs to focus on his day job. This from Slashgeo and the final post -- Slashgeo's Site Closing or in Indefinite Hiatus. Thank you. .. from the So-long,-and-thanks-for-all-the-fish dept. You got that right. The best interpretation of this post's title is that the Slashgeo.org project has come to an end. Or at least in serious hiatus until the context significantly evolves. Over the last two years, Slashgeo has been a source of enjoyment and stress. As much as it has been fun, it slowly became more of a responsibility then a rewarding project. Here's some explanations and personal thoughts on the adventure. See Here

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