September 13, 2007

GIS In The Rockies - Ohio Greenway Project using Geocortex IMF

More random notes from GIS In The Rockies... I have to admit, before yesterday I wasn't terribly familiar with the Trust for Public Lands (TPL). That changed after taking in a short session TPL operates out of more than 50 offices nationwide and helps agencies create a vision for conservation. To date the organization has taken on more than 3200 projects, helped conserve more than 2.2 million acres of land, and helped to generate more than $24 billion in state and local conservation funding. Presenters Breece Robertson and Tom Dudley from TPL Santa Fe, NM presented a session that described the Ohio Greenway Gateway project - a web-based GIS supporting a conservation project that spans 20 counties in northern Ohio. Supporting the project is a web resource that was developed using the Geocortex solution from Latitude Geographics. The application enables stake holders to view land parcels and detailed information, color ortho imagery, and even print using custom print templates (8.5x11 or large plotter sizes). The system has become a useful, simple to use application that facilitates cross-jurisdictional use providing access to a rich database. TPL elected to use the Latitude Geographics IMF framework because it was powerful, simple to use, provided drag and drop tools, and most important, delivered out of the box functionality. For more details see

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