September 13, 2007

August Geoworld tackling yesterday's news

I just picked up a copy of GeoWorld while at the GIS in the Rockies event.. someone actually asked me... "do people still read this"? It's a cool mag, however, its like a time warp! I noticed the "August 2007" edition features 34 pages I think (I picked up someone's business card on thick card stock yesterday and it felt thicker than the magazine!). The magazine features an image on the cover that shows the City of Nanaimo - GIS pioneers? Not sure about that although Jason Birch has generated much interest in the city's efforts via his work with Mapguide Open Source and Google Earth.. too bad the city can't take advantage of some great Geo technologies to actually clean up the city... ever been to downtown Nanaimo...ohmygodwhatadump! Other goodies in the magazine include the ruling in the MAPPS case, the USGS releasing GeoPDF maps, and an update on the Rolla Mapping Center. All great stories but definitely yesterday's news. I have to wonder if this edition is Matt Ball's final act as the Editor of the Magazine now that he and Jeff Thurston have started a new gig. Stay tuned on that one I guess...

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