September 07, 2007

Wiki + photos + GPS = Cool! - Share your GPS tagged photos with GlobalMotion

GlobalMotion has just launched a new Wiki focused on real world places: GlobalMotion has focused on making the content creation process easy and fun, using the millions of geotagged photos out there on the web in a useful & fun way. This could be a very cool way to use and share your geotagged Nokia N95 GPS tagged photos. The app has a very cool UI that meshes a Google Maps position, overview map, your photo, and related information... all in a friendly wiki style

Some details on the app... GlobalMotion was started by Joost Schreve. Joost is an avid travel enthusiast. Joost hitchhiked on a sail boat from The Philippines to Hong Kong and then climbed with his skis above 8,000 meters in the Himalayas. He has always been into technology so he is marrying his two passions with his websites he started. A few other advisors to the company include: Hap Klopp, founder of North Face outdoor clothing and gear, as well as Per Enge who is a Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University.

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