October 26, 2007

CTIA Lightning posts - Navteq Connections

During the recent Navteq Connections event, guests were treated to a special lunch hour speaker, Daniel Burrus – a technology visionary. He offered up some advice to developers and entrepreneurs (all are applicable to those chasing the LBS space). Some items to consider that I took away from the session:
- A predictable storm of disruption is coming, make sure you anticipate change, don’t respond to it.
- Hard trends are trends that WILL happen, soft trends MIGHT happen – don’t bet your company on soft trends
- Decomoditize and wrap a service around your offering
- Integrate old and new media
- Standards bring abundance
- Developers should note that people want memories!
- Take note of the 7 pillars or digital marketing: location, content, search, personalization, community, interactivity, presence.

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