October 26, 2007

To market to market... where to get that Nokia N95

I noticed that just today Nokia announced the opening of a new flagship store in Shanghai, China - FYI, the stores are Nokia's main POC for B to C and are quite important. There's a couple in the USA (New York , Chicago) but hardly enough. Why so? Well... its funny but Nokia is going gangbusters promoting the crap our of the N95 - this device was even recently billed as the official device of the Navteq LBS Challenge... ie. Nokia and Navteq want LBS developers to build apps to run on this device on the S60 environment. So what's the problem? Well... ever tried to buy an N95 in the USA! Currently, buying an unlocked device online (ebay or other) is likely the best way to go, unless you happen to be close to a flagship store. Otherwise, if you go into AT&T or T-Mobile they will likely look at you with a strange look and say "what's an N95"?? Getting to the consumer is a huge issue for Nokia smartphones here in North America and continues to get worse. Finally, get this... just this week I was at a Nokia S60 gig and the crew was giving away an N95 in a door prize (I didn't win.. darn it!) but the kicker... the Nokia/S60 people couldn't find one in San Francisco!! OUCH - one suggested resource for locating these and other products is - GPS-enabled product search, aka. GPS shopping! see www.s60.com / www.nokia.com

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