October 02, 2007

the Friendly Autodesk webcast reminder

I just got my "friendly reminder" from an Autodesk rep. (actually it likely was someone from an agency) regarding a webcast tomorrow. I registered for the webcast online and have received email reminders as well, providing me with time and lgin information etc... the call, however, was somewhat over the top and pretty bizarre. First I get the call on my cell with no caller ID showing up - this is my frist clue that causes me to almost ignore the call. Going against my better judgement though, curiosity gets the best of me and I pick up. On the other end is a monotone, robotic voince from a woman reminding me about the webcast. An interesting strategy on making sure people attend these gigs, but at the same time, man these calls are bothersome! OK, ok already, I'll be there ;0)

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