October 02, 2007

More on Nokia Navteq deal - Analyzing the Impact of Nokia's Acquisition on mobile 2.0

Some more industry analysis and insight to share on this latest deal as Blair Sweden has shared his vision of the deal with us via LBSzone. Of note, Blair spent three years managing NAVTEQ's pedestrian mobile content product line, Discover Cities. In the report Blair looks at the following topics:
Effect on Installed Vehicle Navigation Market
Strategies for Portable Navigation Device Makers
Impact on Internet Players
How Nokia-NAVTEQ Could Impact ‘ Mobile 2.0’
Nokia’s Opportunity Beyond Navigation
He leaves off reminding us that Nokia will likely have a number of GPS-enabled devices shipping next year, all of which are perfect to leverage this new asset. See the analysis at http://www.lbszone.com/content/view/2352/45/

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