October 10, 2007

Google phone and free GPS and the delusional Times blogger

Somebody shake me will ya! I'm I really reading such dribble, no less in The New York Times... now some "rocket scientist" figures that Google will be his savior in providing him with a Google phone and free GPS... I guess he's not clued into the technology enough to realize that he can already get this in many ways... read on for a laugh - I'm glad to see the Times has such innovative minds that are blogging on their behalf... http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/10/10/one-reason-we-need-a-google-phone-free-gps/ - this one makes me laugh almost as much as the UK writer that recently pointed out how online map services and imagery has only been around for 4 years (Adena picked up on this but I can no longer find her post... sorry!)!  Ever wonder why there's so much mis-information in the world.. well, these influential minds that are provided with a pen, paper, computer, and massive audience of readers sure aren't helping things.

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Quote from Financial Times:

Indeed digital maps and satellite sources have been around only since 2004 and new market entrants such as Google, Microsoft or other large companies could well knock at the door soon.