October 10, 2007

MAPdataCanada - royalty free data product, SHP format

Avenza systems (Canada) today rolled out a new, royalty free data product - MAPdataCanada is available on CD by individual region or as an entire national set in a single DVD library. Key Features
    * completely royalty free for all uses
    * presented in a widely used GIS file format (shape files) and ready to use with MAPublisher and most GIS packages
    * organized by province or territory using proper names for easy and convenient  access
    * each province or territory's data is regionally subdivided for ease of use
    * includes pre-joined (polylined) roads with concatenated name columns for easier labeling
    * 8 data layers included for each province or territory including joined and segmented roads
    * matches and aligns with MAPdataUSA to form a contiguous US/Canada data set
    * cross-platform (Windows and Mac) compatibility
http://www.avenza.com/products.mapdatacanada.html - Download the sample files for the Niagara region

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