October 25, 2007

microsoft + facebook - I'm thinking mobile

Wow, interesting to note that Microsoft is buying 2% of facebook for more than 200 million! Given facebook's recent announcement at CTIA on the addition of a mobile application (making it easy to stay connected with your facebook page and your contacts) and the partnering up with RIM using the Blackberry device as the unofficial mobile platform, there's no doubt that a mobile app will likely come with some of the new devices that ship from microsoft next year running on Win Mobile 6. Want traffic for your apps.. think about developing on the facebook open API! Microsoft is quickly grabbing a larger piece of the pie in the mobile space in north America so having devices that enable users to connect with their favorite social network makes sense. A side note, Canadians are adopting facebook as a speed greater than most other countries. In Toronto its estimated that 1 in 4 people are on facebook!


Anonymous said...

Did you see the logos of the companies the CTO of Facebook had up on his list of Facebook Mobile app providers during the Keynote at CTIA in San Francisco? Iamota - Canadian firm who just hooked up with AppLocation - another Canadian LBS platform firm.

Glenn said...

indeed, there's definitely a Canadian influence on facebook now. The crew has teamed up with RIM and the app will be featured on Blackberry devices moving forward... this first native mobile app supporting facebook. Also, in the speech it was revealed that Canada and the UK have about the highest user penetration of facebook - just my luck.. I'm on T-Mobile.. the only carrier not supported currently by mobile facebook!