October 19, 2007

Microsoft Virtual Earth goes 3D with 3DVIA

Microsoft® Virtual Earth -3DVIA  - This technology preview introduces Virtual Earth integrated with 3DVIA. Virtual Earth - 3DVIA brings your ideas to life in 3D! Imagine, create and share 3D models within Microsoft Virtual Earth!
    * Imagine your own 3D models
    * Create a realistic visual experience in 3D within the Virtual Earth environment
    * Share your 3D models on the web
From Microsoft... “Virtual Earth -3DVIA users will be able to build a world that mixes their future projects and ideas with real-life places, buildings and structures,” said Lynne Wilson, senior vice president and general manager of 3DVIA at Dassault Systèmes. “Through Microsoft’s online geographic location mapping technology and our 3-D modeling and realistic visualization know-how, we have created a new level of realism within Virtual Earth that provides an unrestricted freedom for creativity and innovation.”
Users can download Virtual Earth -3DVIA for free and immediately

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