October 18, 2007

Platial Acquires Frappr, Creates #1 Social Map Site

Wow, platial acquires frappr... Platial’s CEO Di-Ann Eisnor says, “We are delighted to have the Frappr community join the Platial family. This reinforces our vision to connect people, neighborhoods and nations around the world. Together, we will make social mapping more accessible, more valuable and a more fundamental part of Web 2.0, encompassing mobile and local search. We will also introduce new, more effective advertising models using social data and location to create greater relevance.“
The company estimates that Platial -Frappr combination represents 25% of all distributed map widgets on the internet and one of the major online mapping sites generally. Di-Ann of Platial shares the following with me... "We're going to be able to provide even more value to users, advertisers and the industry." Good luck! See www.platial.com

See the GISuser Frappr at http://www.frappr.com/gisuser
We're also on Platial at http://www.platial.com/gisuser

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