November 29, 2007

Autodesk at 25 and the Autodesk Multi Touch Wall

An interesting message came my way reminding me that Autodesk is celebrating their 25th year of innovation - I was aware of this and actually published a short 25 year anniversary feature a while back - see here. In the video, a designer, Doug Look, is shown depicting a conceptual prototype of Autodesk design software on a Jeff Han Perceptive Pixel Multi-Touch Wall. The video reveals new ways to interact with large displays and multi-touch interfaces and inspires a discussion on what might become real in the not-so-distant future. Remember the first time you saw the cool touch table? Well, this is just that kind of wow technology... cool! This is the the kind of technology and innovation that we are told to expect to see roll out of the Autodesk Labs in the future - see

Recall the Autodesk timeline:
Some cool milestones:

1982 - Autodesk starts with 16 employees
1984 - revenues top $1 million
1985 - ADSK goes public
1990 - Glenn Letham starts using AuoCAD r9 for pipeline mapping project (remember the dot prompt?) - OK - I slipped this one in!
1992 - Carol Bartz named CEO (you gotta love a woman CEO who will freely drop an occasional "F-bomb" when you least expect it!)
1993 - the First Autodesk University
1995 - website launches
1996 - new division focused on visualization
2002 - Autodesk adds Revit to the portfolio
2005 - Autodesk wins Academy Award for technical acheivement
2006 - Carl Bass takes over at President/CEO
2007 - More than 8 million users
Now - focused on 3D!

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