November 19, 2007

Develop your mobile app for iPhone - here's some help on how to hack the iPhone!

Thinking about developing for the iPhone? Fast Company Magazine has posted a Video on Hacking the iPhone. Just how vulnerable is the "iPhone" to an unscrupulous hacker? Could it really be turned into a tool of espionage? To find out, Fast Company magazine purchased an iPhone for Rik Farrow, a UNIX specialist and consultant from Sedona, Arizona, and commissioned him to crack through its defenses, which he did using H D Moore's Metasploit, a popular platform for testing security systems. The result is this video, in which Farrow was able to take complete control of an iPhone and demonstrated the ability to eavesdrop on conversations, intercept voice mail and email, and upload nefarious software programs. "Physical access to an iPhone," Farrow points out, "is not required."

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Anonymous said...

This exploit is extraordinarily well known in the iPhone hacking community, and is used there as a basis for "jailbreaking" the phone to instal custom software. Nothing to see here; move along.