November 19, 2007

MapQuest Navigator 5.0 - Live Traffic, Gas Prices and AOL CityGuide

MapQuest today, in partnership with Telmap, have announced that the newest version of its voice-guided, GPS-enabled wireless application, MapQuest Navigator 5.0, is now widely available to consumers through a new direct-to-consumer storefront on Sign up at between now and December 31, 2007 can download the application directly to their handset and purchase the service for the promotional price of $4.99 per month for the life of the subscription. In addition, MapQuest® Navigator 5.0 includes feature enhancements such as live traffic, gas price and station locator, and City’s Best® ratings from AOL® CityGuide.
Features include:
Live Traffic – Powered by INRIXĂ’, the leading provider of traffic flow information in the U.S., MapQuest Navigator lets users see the latest traffic flow along their route, get traffic alerts, and even be rerouted according to live traffic conditions in more than 106 markets across the United States.

AOL CityGuide Content including City’s Best Ratings – AOL CityGuide provides MapQuest Navigator users with local listings and ratings of restaurants and nightlife information for nearly 40 of the top cities nationwide.

Gas Prices – Find the lowest fuel prices nearest to your location, and search by station brand, distance or fuel type, including diesel and alternative fuels.

Text to Speech (TTS) Technology - Street names and navigation instructions are voice-announced along the route in advance of turns; while each maneuver and cross-streets are conveniently labeled on the display. The voice interface will even specify the destination as “on the left” or “on the right” upon arrival.

3D Map View – Full-color 3D moving maps, allowing users to gain an above-view and forward-looking perspective as they travel.

Coming soon, users will be able to leverage a new “Send to Navigator” feature, enabling them to research and plan their trips on® and send locations from the site to MapQuest Navigator.

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