November 12, 2007

GoSee4me - sell your photos to the highest bidder

OK, I'm on the fence with this one... I can't decide if its totally cool, or just plain odd! GoSee4me is building a network of amateur photographers (you can join) and members are sent on assignment based on their preferences. When you sign up you can say that you'll travel up to 100 miles to capture a photo based on a bid request. Those needing photos (I'm not sure why but I'm sure there's some good reasons.. like maybe PR people) send a bid request and the members bid on the job... "OK, I'll grab you a photo at the hockey game for $20 etc...) A pretty cool idea (I think) . I created an account but something I don't see is an area where members can promote their photos... let's say I'm downtown and happen to see Paris Hilton or some other famous person... wouldn't it be cool to be able to auction off that photo? Now that would be useful!!! I have a nice photo of Jack Dangermond taken last week in Denver... anyone interested ?? ;0) Ggo join the army or amateur photo buffs at

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