November 12, 2007

Reminder - TerraGo Technologies GeoPDF road show

A reminder that the TerraGo roadshow is hitting 3 cities tomorrow including stops in Houston, D.C., and Denver. Join TerraGo Technologies for a two hour workshop to learn how to:

- Get complex geospatial data into the field in an application almost everyone already has and knows how to use
- Focus GIS professionals on more analysis and less administration
- Make field users self-sufficient with geospatial data
- Share geospatial data with anyone who has Adobe Reader installed on their computer

Stops include:
Washington DC 11/13/2007
Denver 11/13/2007
Houston 11/13/2007
Las Vegas 11/15/2007
Austin 11/15/2007
Chicago 11/15/2007
Kansas City 11/27/2007
St. Louis 11/29/2007
Phoenix 11/30/2007
Tucson 11/30/2007
Albany 12/04/2007
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