November 12, 2007

AT&T hits Costco.. not a bad option if you need an iPhone or a new smartphone

I'm not on AT&T, although I wish I was sometimes. AT&T is the other major GSM carrier in the US - next to T-Mobile who I use. One huge advantage you'll find on AT&T is support for a much faster network which supports data-heavy services (like mobile TV, videos, and others). I've found over the years that many cool apps are not supported on T-Mobile by developers... generally due to some obstacles that they face including limited network speed. Another reason now to consider AT&T is that you can sign up at Costco... this is likely the best kept secret around but getting your next phone or adding a line at Coscto is a fantastic deal. You still need to sign up for a contact BUT, you can usually get a free phone, pay NO upfront fees, and best of all get your activation fee returned via rebate.. essentially you add a line for $0 - something you can't do anywhere else. I did this recently and had a great experience in adding lines for the kids.. best of all the rep was quite knowledgeable! FYI, you can register for mobile access on T-Mobile and Sprint at Costco as well. The kiosks are stocked with todays leading handsets, including the Samsung A437 and A517, in addition to Nokia and Motorola models

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