December 18, 2007

AT&T to target k-12 schools with RFID and GPS tracking services

This interesting tidbit from AT&T... AT&T Inc. has announced the availability of interoperable radio frequency identification (RFID) and GPS-based mobile resource management (MRM) solutions for the K - 12 education segment. The solutions will enhance visibility into the facility and vehicular operations of K - 12 institutions, increasing staff productivity, reducing costs and improving student safety. AT&T's RFID application works in conjunction with MRM location-based services that use GPS technology, AT&T's wireless data network and specialized hosted and managed applications. These applications enable K - 12 institutions to track school bus locations, monitor their speed and condition while on the road and report on events within vehicles. The service enables school districts to improve student safety and to save money by routing their school buses as efficiently as possible -- cutting down on fuel, maintenance and labor expenses. See more at

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