December 18, 2007

Watch those UPS charges - UPS, you guys suck!

Just a short tip for any of you looking at doing a bunch of bulk mailing etc... my wife recently went to UPS to mail some packages, something I do quite often... she also had a stack of Christmas cards (most going to Canada). She asked if she could mail them and they gladly obliged. Unfortunately, rather than selling her a book of stamps using the proper postage rate they instead ran the cars through a meter charging her almost double what the standard rate would be. Unfortunately since she doesn't mail a ton of stuff she didn't realize that she had been over-charged. What I have to woncer is that why they wouldn't simply say "hey, we can sell you a booklet of stamps"... rather, in the true Holiday spirit they stick it to her! UPS, you guys suck... oh, and FYI, a ship loads of packages, typically via UPS, however, I'll be stopping by the Fed-Ex shop next time. Some food for thought... let the buyer beware!

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